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About Sushi Burrito & Co

New and exciting concept to arrive in South Africa! First of its kind! We introduce to you, Sushi Burrito & Co!

As the concept sweeps across all the continents, it has finally found its way to Africa! From around the world, Los Angeles, New York, London, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo and now finally right on our finger tips! Our main features are just a few of the amazingly delicious and creative things on the menu, from amazing finger foods to bowls and salads and mouth watering desserts, we look forward to having you check us out and telling us what you think!

The Sushi Burrito

Mixing Asian and Latin flavors, creating a new experience for the food lover, we serve flavorful sandwich size sushi, We infuse multi-cultural flavors into every sushi burrito. By blending the premium flavors and healthiness of sushi with the form factor and convenience of burritos, we serve fresh, convenient, large, hand-held sushi burritos.

The Bao

From Taiwanese street food, to the mouths of people around the globe, this once uncommon meal has taken the world by storm and now we have gotten the best of it just around the corner, a big hit with people anywhere you go, the fluffy steamed bun stuffed with flavorful goodness, from the freshest ingredients to satisfy all cravings, we give you the Bao from Sushi Burrito & Co! These are sure to be some of our hit dishes!


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